How the heck do you edit content?

I’ve never seen a more silly way of building a template than this. It looks good, but nothing works (for me at least?).

How the heck are you supposed to edit whatever content on the website? For example, your demo content?

When I enable editor and go to a text section where I wanna change the content, it won’t allow me to see the text to change it nor can I double-click and delete/edit the content. WTF?
I don’t understand the way your theme works.

Not really sure if you’re asking for help here or just trying to tell us what a bad theme we have.
Check the documentation, familiarize yourself with Live Composer. Everything works as it should, otherwise people wouldn’t be building sites with it.

I mean, it’s logical that it should work just by clicking it, but it does not. I can just do this:

With the editor the marked area looks blue obviously (just couldn’t screenshot it), but that’s it. It will not be editable.

Again, we’re linking an interactive tutorial for Live Composer on our documentation page. Take a few minutes and go through it. If you feel that this plugin should work in a different way, take it up with the plugin devs. I’m sure they’d be happy to hear you out.

Is it really difficult to understand that I did what the video said but if in the video double-click made the content editable, for me it did NOT?

I may be misunderstanding what you are asking, and I apologize if I am on the wrong track - but I think I know what is going on here - you have to log in to the backend of your wordpress installation prior to doing any editing.

You won’t be able to see the front end editor (Live Composer) without being logged in first.

Once you have done that, view your site on the front end (just click on the HOME button in the upper left corner of the wordpress dashboard - which is where you should be when you log into the backend initially).

When the page appears you should see a green button in the lower right corner that says ACTIVATE EDITOR.

Clicking on that will give you a whole range of modules to choose from on the bottom of the page in blue in addition to new buttons that allow you to progressively save your work, and deactivate the editor if you wish.

You can create module rows on the page (scroll to the bottom of the page content and you will see the ADD MODULES ROW in addition to an IMPORT button in an orange area - create new rows and drag the modules from the modules area at the bottom of the page in the blue area.

Content on the page that was not added via Live Composer on the front end will not be visible unless you drag in the THE CONTENT module. This will show whatever was created in the back end of the particular page you are currently editing.

Otherwise, you should be able create module sections and drag and drop modules into them to create your content.

There was an older video that showed text being edited directly on the front end of a website. This is not how that works anymore, but this feature may be reinstated in a new way soon as another module. Until then, you would hover over text content created using the TEXT module, click on the EDIT CONTENT button that appears when you hover over it, and do your thing.

At this point you should go over the documentation
documentation and/or experiment to see how things work.

Note that there is no undo feature as such, but you can back up to your last save by simply deactivating and reactivating the editor.

Hope that helps!

To conclude this: I will never use your themes.

I did research and many people have been unable to use your LC.

I know I have to be logged in. I saw all the modules etc etc, but when I held my mouse on some content and I HAD the button “Edit content” or whatever that was THERE and I CLICKED IT, nothing happened. I could NOT edit anything.

Just noting on your screencap that you are trying to edit a testimonial module. There are a few modules that allow for direct on-screen editing of titles. I haven’t used the TESTIMONIAL module personally, so I can’t say for sure if this is one of those, but the INFO BOX module does allow for this.

I have been cheating with that module by turning off everything but the title and using that as a quick front end text editor. You can change overall settings of the text, but there may be limitations regarding adding hyperlinks within a paragraph.

Once you have one of these set up, you can just duplicate it and change the TITLE content settings to accommodate the appearance of paragraphs of text and titles.

I don’t think you can use the styles, however (H1, H2, paragraph, etc.), so any overall changes may have to be done manually from module to module, unless the PRESETS option can help in this regard - I haven’t tested that either personally.

Sorry - added that last bit prior to seeing your comment - It is not my theme, I am just a user of the product like you.

I am sorry you can’t get it to work. I haven’t had that problem. In fact I have had nothing but good experiences with Live Composer (which is not actually a part of the theme as such, but rather a plugin that you can add to any theme).

Not sure if you have tried different browsers, or talked to your hosting company to see if maybe you need any updates otherwise.

Had you tried to add new content areas and modules? Just putting that out there. What you are going through is unusual, but could be the result of backend settings, hosting issues, or any number of different things.

Maybe try activating a different theme.

I can tell you from having used almost everything out there with regards to page builders that Live Composer has been my best experience.

Beaver Builder is close, but it comes with a big price tag if you want the pro version. You may be able to get by with the free version, however.

Thrive would be next in line for me, but also has some limits I didn’t care for - frontend content editing was not one of them but also costs a fair amount for unlimited use.

A lot of people like Visual Composer but I wound up fighting with that to get it to show exactly what I built in it originally, both in backend and frontend modes. It is a little cheaper and comes with many additional 3rd party modules. I am happy to be free of it, however.

I like the new DIVI Builder better than VC personally - it is faster and easier to keep track of in the back end. No front end option though. not sure if you can buy it individually - I got it by buying into the Elegant Themes Lifetime membership, in addition to a pile of themes and other cool plugins.

Having no issues myself with Live Composer personally, I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that something is up with your situation one way or another. It is not the theme or Live Composer.

Hope you can figure it out.

You can get Live Composer free at the following link btw:

In case changing themes deactivates it.

Believe me, it is worth looking into. There is very little for free that allows frontend editing and is accurate to the degree that Live Composer is. I know from experience.