How i show the Header-Image on mobiles devices?


My website works just fine on iPhone and iPad. Only the header image is not displayed. How do I get the go …? I want to display the header image on the mobile devices, in portrait and landscape format !!

thanx for your help… INA

my homepage:


Are you overwriting the header.php file in your child theme? We made some changes about 2 months ago to the header file and you probably don’t have them in yours. Get the contents of the header.php from the parent theme please and re-apply the changes you’ve had, if you’ve had any.

yes… i need the changes in header.php …

how and where i must change the header.php in child theme? which code?

That’s what I’m saying, copy the header.php file from the parent and then re-apply the changes you did.

I have changed A LOT in my header.php. Can you tell me exactly where that point is the change so that the header image reappears on the phone.
What point exactly you have changed? I do not have to do everything again and look.
Thaaank you…

Ah, okay, I though you just had minor changes. It’s the header-image div that changed. Replace that one and you should be fine.

yeeeeessss… thanx alot Vlad … i try at home tonight :slight_smile: