How I can do overdrive archive-product.php in my theshop theme folder?

Hi, I want to add a load more button in woocommerce without plugins and I find a good codes but I can not test them.
Because ıt no work overdrive archive-product.php … And I read the reason, because of there is a file woocommerce.php in my theme folder. I think It block overdrive archive-product.php …

How I can solve this problem, and I can do a overdrive archive-product.php ???

Thank you so much!
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I tried directly plugins/woocommerce/template/arcive-product.php but it no work …
So I understand the codes has a problem.
I think I have to use plugin. So I do not need anymore overdrive archive-product.php.
Thank you so much !

You can see the codes below link

Not necessary a overdrive help anymore.

Thank you so much!
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Hello @yyasin88,

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

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Thank you @Roman.

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