How I can center the content in page ignis template


I spoke with wordpress because I have an issue i cannot center the content of my page . they told me this :

Hi there,

I’m following up about our previous chat conversation regarding centring the content of your site

I’ve been checking this and it seems that your third party theme Ignins is not fully compatible with our customizer.

As you can see in the CSS code section of your site > My Sites > Design > Customize > Additional CSS, I’ve added some CSS code to centre the content of your about page

The code is working when previewing it in the customizer but not later on the actual site.

It seems this is some kind of incompatibility that you’ll need to check with the theme developers here:

If they can’t solve this, you’d consider switching to another theme.

Have you any idea of why i cannot centered the content ?



Thank you for contacting us about our theme, Ignis. I am happy to help with your queries.

I need direct inspection to find out the possible solution to suggest. Can you share a link to your website that you need a help with?

aThemes Support for exemple the text is not in the center .
Thank you.


Thank you for sharing the link. I visited it. But it is showing a maintenance page mode – not actual page.

Is there any way to access your actual page?

aThemes Support