How Do You Change The Yellow Bars (Under Titles) Color?

I did do a lot of looking (here and in various PHP files) before breaking down and asking. I use several of these themes that have this but I can’t find where to change the color. I’ve found it in several files and changed it to the background color to try to hide it but no luck. I would just like the little left justified yellow bars to go away… everywhere. They really do not work when the title is centered on page and the little yellow bars are still over there on the left, clashing with every site color I use.

Can anyone point me to the location where I can at least disguise them? Thanks.

Hi Jriangle,

You can add this code from your custom css plugin:

.so-panel .widget-title:after, .panel .widget-title:after {
  background-color: transparent;

Perfect! Thank you for the help. I was working on a violet colored website and any random bars floating around would have looked wrong. is the one under construction. Thanks again.

Glad to help.
let us know if you need help :slight_smile:

For Custom CSS Plugin do you mean the one inside the editor here or a custom wp plugin?

Nvm I found it out. You have to put this in the editor under appearance.