How do I uninstall demo content?

I am using the Sydney theme. I installed the plugin to import the demo content and applied it to the theme.I noticed that my website had slowed down significantly because of the size of the media that came with it. I have already uninstalled the plugin to import the content. I also manually deleted the images. However, they continue to load. Below are the extraneous links that came with the demo data.

<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/4/4be183444d5fdae2e5b97fe153e35a22069e4313.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/0/066c1a4ec58d8b98b2457dab78465b93782666b3.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/3/39bf7436088b3cfa61c126f218baa40b27d5d46b.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/e/e65f6b0e93c362a751bb864a284d94b278c8db5c.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/f/fbf5a0af5fae3790bc7428cdd3b43a2df0797b04.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/e/eb765d2a32985bd1e4cf68e3b8bd402c0a1914b4.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/e/ec415b732f637d2086e4baf695ca3cabff5ebb54.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/e/e56a4ed3235af9a66987aac4310b92c82f90aff7.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/6/641a9cfb58795959f77caee89897f07444d34087.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/3/3a22d41689955d92911a55a5bfaaec09cd238e74.jpeg'>
<img src='/uploads/db8325/original/2X/0/0c06f744f8fb743fe17b69558790b780ef550ac3.jpeg'>

Is there a way I can prevent these from sending HTTP requests and thereby reduce the load time without resetting my database?


I’ve just checked your website but didn’t notice such links. Have you already resolved this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thanks for looking into it.

I did a database reset. There were multiple plugins that were clashing. Consequently, I was unable to edit my pages with Elementor, the recommended page builder for Sydney theme.

So while I wouldn’t say that the issue is resolved, I’m looking for a workaround.



Okay Ashwin,

I’m not sure what exactly is your current issue, can you please describe it?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey Roman,

I’m building my website from scratch. The problem I am facing now is that the changes that I am making on my pages are not reflecting outside the Elementor view. I suspect this might not be a problem with the theme, but with the plugin.

Long story short, no further action is required from Athemes. Thanks for looking into the issue all the same.

Best regards,


Okay Ashwin, you are welcome!

And thank you for clarification :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.