How do I remove the testimonial blockquote #333 background?

In my Testimonial widget, the blockquote copy has a #333 background color. Upon inspecting the element I see that it’s coming from the .hentry blockquote {background-color: #333;} in the styles.css file line #1221. However, in the Sydney (free version) demo, this background is inherited and is transparent.
You can see it on the bottom my page under the “What People Are Saying” here

How do I make the quote background transparent.

Thank you for your help.

Hi dees,
you can change it from testimonial widget style.
open your page > edit testimonial widget > widget styles > attribute.

add this code to your css stle text-field:
background-color: tranparent;

I tried that before too but it doesn’t work. I’m wondering if I’m not putting in the correct Widget Class in the Attributes. I tried .hentry blockqoute or just blockqoute or just whisper … but neither works.

really? because that’s worked on my end :slight_smile:
nevermind, maybe you can add this code below. but please use custom css plugin to add the code, so the code will not replaced when you update the theme:

.hentry blockquote {
    background-color: transparent;

I am using Page builder and I go into my Testimonial widget that i have dropped on the page. In the widget, right hand column, I go to Attributes. It has two fields: Widget Class and CSS Styles.

I have tried various combinations of code in those two fields and it doesn’t seem to work.

I have defined .hentry as the Widget class and then put background-color: transparent in the CSS style. No go.

I have defined .hentry blockquote and put the color in the css style and still no go.

I’m sure I’m using the wrong format or something like that. I don’t know how to attach a screenshot to these posts otherwise I’d show you where/how I’m adding it.

Thanks for your help if you can suggest another approach.

Having the same problem. Has anyone figured this out? Been looking for the answer for quite some time.

@dess you have to put the code in above using custom css plugin, you dont need to add it from page builder widget styles

@vVeroj you can try the solutions in above also

The custom css plugin worked! I’m surprised that the CSS Styles field in the widgets Attributes didn’t take the css override. I’d prefer that as it seems more intuitive but I’ll take the custom css plugin as long as it gets the job done. Thanks for all your help!

I, too, had to install a separate CSS plugin for this issue, but lo and behold, it did work! Thanks Awan and thanks Dees!