How do I remove the Sydney FP widgets?

I need to know because now that they are loaded it appears I cant use menu name lets say “Testimonials” Without error because the theme thinks its supposed to use the widget??? See I created my own testimonials page with Visual Composer but cant call it “Testimonials”…follow what I’m saying?

Thank you …

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

I guess your testimonial page URL is Please change its permalink to or something else. Because testimonials is already assigned as the slug of Testimonial post type. Visiting will always fallback to archive page of testimonial.

It applies for other post types like Services, Employees, Project, etc.


Right that would be a work around, but I would think I could get rid of the widgets and therefore, fix the issue. For instance I could have just not installed the fp widgets in the first place? Unless that would cause other functionality problems? If not though then I wouldnt have this problem. So I assume there must be a proper way to undo the issue by removing the fp widgets just like I had to install them initially. If you can install you should be able to uninstal yes?

Forgive my ignorance. Im new …