How do i remove the "read more" summary from services?

my site

I’d like to remove the summary of the service in the page.

How do I remove the text that I’ve put before the ‘read more’ button and just keep the descripition?

I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand what text you want to remove. You want to remove the service text only from the front page and keep it on the single service post?

Sorry. I’ll try to be clear.
In the section “services” there are 3 colums. Exemple the 1st one is called “projectos”.

At the home page, there’s like a summary of the “project” page. We click on “read more” to go to “projetos” full page and read the rest of the text.

At the full page there’s the role text.
I’d like to “remove” from the full page the “summary” that’s appearing at the home page, because it’s repeated.

I understand now. But that’s not possible. And I’m not sure why would want to do that, it’s natural for it to be repeated since on the front page you see the excerpt, then on the single page you see the whole content.

Oh! I got it! Thank you.