How do i remove the header image on other pages?

I don’t want the main header image that’s featured on the home page on every page. Is there an option for this? I don’t want to hide it with css, but change the option or function in php. Since I have a child theme set up, can I alter this in functions.php, or is there some other way?

Again, I don’t want to simply hide it with css.

Side question, I don’t see an edit option to not include the page title… I don’t need the title of the page above the content. I could just hide with CSS, but where’s the option to not include the page title?

OK, I found the option. It could be clearer in language what the option is for. Here’s where you can find it in Appearance > Customize:

Header image option

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delay. I am glad to know you have been able to manage it by yourself.

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