How do I remove a white line in my footer?

How do I remove a white line in my footer?

I have just re-designed my old web site with the Moesia free theme.

It’s a great theme, but I have a problem with my footer. I use the “Footer A” widget with "Lauout Builder.

As it can be seen in the attached image, a white short line appears on the bottom left. It’s completely impossible for me to find out how to remove the line. I can’t see anywhere where the line has being defined?

I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to remove the line?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I need to check the website directly and inspect which element that caused the issue. Could you please to share your site URL here?


Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry to forget the URL:

After I inserted the URL in my reply, a strange image appears, cf. above.

Is it an image your site puts up, because it’s not an image that exists on my site?

Best Regards


Here is the CSS code to remove the white color:

.footer-widget-area .panel-grid {
    border: none;

You can put the code into Customize > additional CSS.

Hmm… Looks like the image comes from this forum page. Not from your site.

Super thanks for very quick and qualified help.

It works;)

Best regards

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