How do I make my website one page only?

My website is

As you see on the top menu there are 4 items/pages. At the moment if you click on any of the menu items they take me to individual pages. I want to be taken to different sections of the front page so the whole website will be only one page. I know it has something to do with Parallax but i cant find any settings to make this happen. Different themes seem to have different ways to doing this.

Hi, you can get the tutorial from this documentation

Thanks for the reply Awan. But I do not see any info about creating an achor link/jump menu on the documentation.

I have tried adding #name to the sections where I want users to be taken when they click on the main menu but it doesn’t seem to work.

When I looked for tutorials on YouTube the videos tell you to add a Row ID which should be the ID we put on the Menu “Links” at Appearance > Menu > Links but this theme doesn’t seem to have a Row ID option.

I have tried everything but with no luck. Website is 99% complete but this problem is bugging me big time!

Any help would be appreciated!

okay, here is the link you should used:
about : #pg-12-0
service: #pg-12-1
Why us: #pg-12-2
Our work: #pg-12-3
contact: #pg-12-4

It worked!Thanks a lot!

Just to save your and my time in the future,could you please tell me where you got those special links from?If I were to do this again in the future how do I determine the link for each section on a single page website?

Hi,shehan.twitter. Your website is really cool with one page website. Can you share with me how to create one website like yours? I’m also trying to create one for my website. Thanks buddy!

@shehan.twitter I am using inpect element from chrome dev tools. Here is the another thread