How do i implement services without re-coding the template


Hello, My site is not yet out. But yet i have a question. How do i implement services in my site?. I need specific instructions. i don’t wanna modify your template just to figure it out. Don’t tell me to go to Documentation.


First, you should probably try a friendlier aproach.
Second, you need specific instructions for what exactly? Why would you want to change the code? I’m sorry, but everything you need to know about using Services is in the documentation, if you want to do something different you should be more specific.


I mean i don’t wanna code the Services using PHP. The “Moesia FP:Services” does not appears the wayit should be. Everytime i drop services using the page builder, Nothing else appears. Sorry about the misinterpretation.


I mean i can’t import the XML file using types.


I’m guessing you are on a local server, and you can’t share a link?

There is really nothing to code, everything regarding Services is already coded.

a. Did you install the recommended Types plugin and imported the xml file?
b. Did you add some services from the Services custom post type that appears after you install the plugin above and import the xml settings file?
c. If you did steps a) and b) and you drop the Services widget to the page builder it will definitely show up on your front page.


Oh, now I saw your last reply. The file was updated, maybe you have the older version. Get the new one here. Types had a security update and they didn’t allowed for previously exported files to be imported.

Let me know if it doesn’t work and what is the message you’re getting.


Yep your right, I am in a local host and its UPDATING =)