How do I get the title to be located above the paragraph and the photo as in the Sydney demo

Hello Roman, I saw in the Sydney demo that it is possible to place the title on the photo and the text, but I do not know how to do it.

Attached screenshot where I compare my website with that of the Sydney demo.

Attached the link of my website also for your review :

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About this section (that you take a screenshot), did you put the image in a different column in the Page Builder? If so, can you please to move the image in the same column and inside the text widget, something like this:

Or if you want them to displayed side by side, you can try to use Layout Builder widget and add three widget like this:

Let see if it works

Hi Awan,

In the first alternative I have no way to add photos and in the second alternative I do not have the option title or tinymce, I think that is from Elementor, but I do not use it.

I want to work with the same Sidney editor.

Attached captures what I tell you.

I hope you can help me


I am using Page Builder. Have you activate the Page Builder widget from Dashboard > Plugins > Siteorigin Widget

If you didn’t see the option, please install it first from

From my screenshot in above, I am using Siteorigin Editor to put the title. So, you can use “Siteorigin Editor” for the title and the text.


I managed to put the title but now the space between the title and the paragraph and the photo, is very distant.
How do I reduce this distance?

And the line of separation of the title is grey and very thin, it is possible that it is equal to the one of the subject (red, with greater thickness and shorter)

Attached capture so you can see in more detail.

Also the link of my web



That space is produced by the SiteOrigin widget and you can manage the space for each row from Edit Row > Layout (on the right side) > then adjust the padding value and margin-bottom value as you need.

And for the line under your title, you can manage it from “Edit Widget” options