How can i show only the slider in the home page?

the home page show the slider and the post below.
Can i set the themes to show only the slider?


There is no built-in option to do this, but you can do it with CSS. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what you did to your home page so it isn’t possible until you revert back.

I only changed the color in CSS

There is no way that your markup would look like this without any changes from your part. Or maybe it happens because of a plugin.

Anyway, that post on your home page should have been wrapped in an article tag that you could target with CSS and hide. At the moment it is not, so something is removing it from somewhere.

Hi Vlad, tanks for your response. I reload the original CSS. Can you help me now?

Could you please reinstall the theme and let me know after that? Something is wrong there.