How can i remove exciding info on catalog pages?

After all updates i faced the situation shown on the picture below. Product short description appears on catalog page… How can i fix that?


Use this CSS code to hide those short desc:

.woocommerce-product-details__short-description {
    display: none;

Put the code in: Customize > Additional CSS.


@Awan thanks… but I am not a programmer… the site you see is the result of my logic and intuition…

I found the place where to put, but unfortunately I do not know how to code to make it working :frowning: Could you please help me?

Once again logic and reading :slight_smile:

I found that I had to put the code after / :slight_smile:

It works.

One more question: how can I change the description on the buttons?

Glad that its worked.
Could you elaborate more about the description and the button? what do you want to do with them?

I mean the standard woocommerce buttons. I cannot find where to change the descriptions.

Oh the text of the button? You have to modify the existing PHP code if you want to edit them and its beyond our support policy. But you can try to contact for further help.