How can I get rid of all the google stuff (not to say sh*t) in the Theme?

How can I get rid of all the google stuff in the Theme?

I really need a decent Theme that works in China.
Basically all themes

  1. Look like Trash on a Chinese phone (Android/iPhone) but look decent here:
  2. Took forever and a day to load. What may be connected with google, which is blocked in China.

My questions regarding Hero:

  1. I removed all the google stuff from functions.php, just commented it out. Is there a way to host the fonts on my server?
  2. I found more google stuff in bootstrap.css and bootstrap.min.css
    What does google-maps do there and how can I get rid of it?


There are not too much of things to remove, if you want to remove google scripts from this theme, here are the files you have to edit:

widget-social-icons.php - from this remove Google +

The google fonts unfortunately you can’t host, only if you download a web font and integrate it in the theme, then it should work.

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