How can i change the size of slider in sydney theme

How can i change the size of slider in sydney theme… Plz help in this.


You can change the size of the Slider using this Custom CSS:

.header-slider {
    width: 100% !important;
    height: 300px !important;

Add the above CSS to your Child Theme’s style.css or in case you haven’t setup a Child Theme already, then you can also use this plugin to add the CSS to it: so you will not loose the changes on theme updates.

Please let me know how it works.

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Itz not Working…
check this

Hello there,

Apologies, I can’t clearly catch your question. What do you mean by “resize” here? From our demo, how will it look like after it gets resized? Could you please explain it?



I have a question to this problem:

Explained on the demo: i want that the header slider is not so high, that I can see a part of “our services” directly without scrolling.


Hello sir,

Any solutions regarding for this issues? Which means we can see the slider and the service (2 row) at the front page 1st and after the 1st scroll we can see the 3rd row till end

Thanks in advance sir.

Hi @thebiskut,

Please open a new topic, so we can help you there.

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