How can I change the currency?

Hello. (I’m using automatic google translator because my English is not very good. So I apologize for that. But I hope you understand).
Initially I would like to thank the availability of the issues so that we can download and use. All are fantastic.

I am using the theme BISTRO site, Brazil, I would like to put the prices of products in the local currency (the Real), the correct symbol is “R $” and not “$”. Any chance or appointment so that I can change here?

Thanks for your attention!

Good question :slight_smile: I’m looking forward for a reply :slight_smile:

Me too, I need to change it to Polish Zloty (zł) :slight_smile:

So here is the way I found out to be working for me:

  1. Go to Plugins, find “Restaurant”, click “Edit”.
  2. In editor select “restaurant/inc/template.php” on the right.
  3. Ctrl+F and search for: ‘$%s’.
    The whole row lill be the following:
    return sprintf( __( ‘%s,-’, ‘restaurant’ ), number_format( $price, 2, ‘.’, ‘,’ ) );

This is where you need to change it. In my case I wanted to change “$10” into “10,-” so I’ve replace it with ‘%s,-’.

Good luck!