How can I apply Great Mag (Pro) Blog to an existing webpage?


is it possible to add GreatMag (Pro) as a blog to an existing webpage? Or do I have to start the blog on a new URL, which I then link to my existing webpage (Wordpress)?
I would prefer the 1st option, so that I won’t have to set up a new system… and also because I have settings on the webpage with different “access rights” (some articles can only be read by people who have registered and logged in) - is that also possible with GreatMag and will it correspond with my other wordpress settings?
Please note, that GreatMag should only be an “add on” to my webpage - it must NOT replace it.

Thanks a lot!

Hello there,

You would need a separate WordPress installation for your blog. To do this, you can use WordPress multisite. For further questions about this, I’d recommend you to go to this support channel because there is nothing to do with GreatMag theme.