How can I add another sidebar at the left side?

Hello aThemes,
I choose to use the aReview theme for my movie blog as its a very nice theme, and I like the color combination.
I wonder if you guys could help me add another sidebar at the left side where I’ll be able to add some more widgets. if you could just tell me which file to edit, I’ll be very glad.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hello waxless,

What kind of widgets that you want to add to the sidebar? There is an option on to add several widget to the sidebar. Please go to customize > widgets > then choose which widgets that you want to displayed to the sidebar.

Then to move the sidebar to the left of the contents, you can add the css code below using Simple custom css plugin or add to your style.css on your child theme:

.content-area {
    float: right;

.widget-area {
    float: left;

Thanks awan for your quick reply.
If I create a child theme and add that css, will it add another sidebar, or move the existing sidebar at the left?
I actually want two sidebars.

Oh so you want to add two sidebar (left and right) on your site? I think you need to request for the customization to codeable because it’ll need more advance customization to enable it.