Hover Link Colour / Prev - Next Colours

I have two issues, the first I am trying to change the hover links colour

Website https://eyesontarget.co.uk

Refer to the footer area text is white, when you hover it is dark blue, I would like to change this colour!

2nd issue refer to https://eyesontarget.co.uk/private-investigator-resources/

The “next” plus “1” & “2” are almost white colour, need to change this to a darker colour.

Can you please help

Thanks in advance


Please try these CSS code below:

  • change the link in footer area when its hovered:
.footer-widget-area .widget a:hover {
    color: red;
  • Change the background color of the pagination when its in current position/page or when its hovered:
.post-grid .pagination.dark .page-numbers.current, .post-grid .pagination .page-numbers:hover {
    background-color: black;
    opacity: 1;

Put the code into: Customize > additional CSS.