Horizontal Scrollbar appears


Hey Vlad, I don’t know what i ended up doing, but all of a sudden my website has a scroll bar along the bottom horizontally and there is a big white area twice the width of the site over to the side.

The rest of the site looks like its being held in place fine, but for some reason the horizontal bar comes up and there is all this empty space that you can scroll to. It appears sometimes right away on the load, or when you start to scroll down.

It happens after you start scrolling down towards the bottom in Chrome and Opera and its real wide in chrome. And in IE it has a scroll bar at the bottom but it doesn’t scroll to anything.

Was wondering if you had a solution,

link: http://bit.ly/udidD848



Add this to the bottom of the style.css file:

.blockquote-area {
   overflow: hidden;

It’s because of the blockquote animation which I thought I already changed.