Homepage's rows font color

Could you please inform me what should I do to change font color on my homepage (on “facts” and “Document” rows). I changed colors settings in rows editing, but not even one option could set this right, it still shows this dark blue color.
My page can be found here.
Thanks in advance.


Looks white to me. Anyway, redownload the theme and reinstall it, we fixed some things regarding row colors in the latest version.

thanks for your fast reply. I solved the issue indeed, but it is kinda workaround. Font color and color are a bit confusing and they cannot be set to #fff color simultaneously. Actually, AFAIS the color option defines the font color rather that font color.
To sum up, my design options are:
#fff for the color in a row, none for the font-color option in the specific widget.

By default, the plugin provides the Color option for the row and the Font Color for the widget. Again, by default, both of these options affect only the body color, so they don’t change H’s, links etc.
That’s why we have some code in the theme which changes how the Color option works for the row and sets the color for every element, the point being that if you set it to white, you probably want every piece of text to be white to ensure visibility.
It’s morning so I might not make sense :slight_smile: