Homepage Widgets Not Working


I am trying to make my page look at the example for Newanchor Pro with the slider than 3 rows underneath. I guess that can be done through the homepage widget? I try that but it doesn’t show up in the live preview. And it won’t show up on the site? Any help would be great. My site is entertainmentnmore.com




Can you please point out which widget from the demo you want to add your site, maybe give me the name of the section or take a screenshot of that section and post the screenshot URL, so I can let you know which widget was used there.

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How can I send the image as I do not see an option for that?



Upload it somewhere for eg. to Google Drive or Dropbox and post here the link, but make sure the link is accessible for everyone ( not private ).

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The widgets I am trying to get to work are the ones in the outlined in Red:

You can see how my page is now on entertainmentnmore.com

How do I get those two widgets two work? Is that a static page? It doesn’t show up in the customize live view?

Thanks for your help.



This: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzInaeOaDp6GNUNseTJCTHNsS1k/view is Recent Posts Type A Widget ( Page Builder Widget )

This: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzInaeOaDp6GQW1MYWp1SjZXbEU/view is Recent Posts Type B Page Builder Widget.

To add Page Builder widgets you must use a Static Page as Homepage and build the page using Page Builder ( the third tab, after Visual / Text in WP Page Editor, but make sure you have installed the Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin ).

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Hi all,
i am facing a similar issue with my website. the widgets have gone missing all of a sudden and i dont know how to fix them. pls help

thanks in advance.