Homepage video and image issue in pro


I am having issues with the homepage video feature. Namely:

  1. The mobile version shows a video play icon over the image that is supposed to be there instead of the video. How can I remove that?

  2. The alternate photo shows up on the desktop version before the video loads - I don’t want this behavior. I would rather have a blank screen. How can I keep this from happening?





You can use the bundled Revolution Slider for more control over the video.
Please note that the play icon on mobile comes from your mobile browser in order to avoid autoplaying the video. There’s no way of removing it.
The preloading photo should be a screenshot of the first frame of your video for the best effect. You can remove it if you want though.

Hi Vlad–

Thanks for the reply. I will try using the slider.

In regards to the player, why does it even show the video? You can’t play it and it is just showing the image, it should just set the video to hidden in the media query for mobile. I understand that the play button is because of the autoplay, but the play button doesn’t even work, so it seems it should just be hidden altogether.