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Hi There

I have another question regarding the homepage. I would like to include a slogan underneath the word reach, but I see there is no place to do this in customize. Could you kindly assist me?

Thank you!



You can try to add your slogan text using this javascript plugin.
Add this code to the javascript plugin text area:

jQuery('<p>YOUR SLOGAN TEXT HERE</p>').insertAfter('.header-text')

Hi Awan,

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much :slight_smile:
One last question, if I wanted to edit the style, like make it white wording and 18pt for size how would I do this?

Firstly, you need change the code in above with this (adding a class name):

jQuery('<p class="slogan-text">YOUR SLOGAN TEXT HERE</p>').insertAfter('.header-text')

Then add this code to the Customize > additional CSS:

  color: white;
  font-size: 18px;