Homepage reverts to sample when previewing

Hi There!

I have already set my static front page (home page), and am adding additional pages (About). When I preview the website in another tab, the home page shows up just fine, with all the changes I have made (http://www.royalescapades.com/). It also allows me to use the About page(s) just fine (http://www.royalescapades.com/about-us/the-royal-couple). The problem comes when I then try to click on the Home page again. At that point, it takes me to the sample home page instead of back to my home page (http://demo.athemes.com/sydney/). Please help!


Hi there,

Please go to Customize > Menus > open your “primary menu” > then edit link destination of your menu from there.


Awan, you’re brilliant! Thank you so much! That did the trick. I really appreciate the assist!