Homepage link

Hopefully this is something really simple that I am overlooking… I have my page set to display my latest posts when you land at the site (www.dannstarr.co.uk) which is great, I love that, but then in my menu, i’d like to create a link that gets me back to there. I appreciate that I can just click the big header text and that takes you back there, but not all my site visitors may understand and realise that, so I’d like to add it as an option in my sites main navigation.

I hope I’ve explained that properly. Any ideas on how I would do that?


Why don’t you create a new menu and name it as “Home”?

That didn’t work… But in trying it out, I found that I can quite easily add a custom link to my existing menu, so thank you

Yes, that was I mean. Create a new menu as custom link :slight_smile: