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Hi, I can’t work out how to place anchor links/tags in the homepage on Intro - I can see the link in the demo content, but can’t workout how to replicate it.

Many thanks, really great theme.


Hello, on which anchor links do you mean, can you post your page link or screenshot?



Hi, thanks - I can’t make the site public currently.

I’m trying to replicate the link in the demo content that take the user from the call to action button in the header, down the page to the content. I can’t see where the #info is taken from within the front page layout.



OK, I get it now.
Header options are changing from Appearance > Customizer > Header Area.

Links in header are targeting IDs of certain HTML elements. For example on demo page Facts widget ID is taken from this line of code <div class="panel-grid" id="pg-22-4"> so for link for header CTA button we would type #pg-22-4.

To find these IDs, load your page with google chrome, open developer tools (keyboard F12) inspect desired element, here, a picture speaks a thousand words.


thanks - that make sense.

Very useful theme - thank you.


Hi, and thanks. When I found this information I am on track.

I’m stuck please advice how the page jump down to more services like in the demo and as the

I learned how to make an anchor and put it on top of the page for example contact page where I want my call to action button on the front page should take it.

How do I make it so it takes the user from the call to action button in the header, down the page to the content?

The name of the contact page ID, is according to your explanation above pressing F12:



Hi Madeleine,

It can’t be #page it should be something like #pg-somenumber-somenumber

Can you please share your page link with us so we can take a closer look, thanks.

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hi i have some issues need to fix it cant change the service b ??
from where to change it and how does the page moves down automatically to the next service like in demo page! need help urgently




Please post your page link so we can see that, it is much easier in that way.

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Link- http://futurefoodtrial.byethost33.com/wp
check dis like in demo when u click is slowly does to that thing and here it directly oes and can i put different backgrounds on different pages and once refer the service page i don’t know why the font is showing up differently


Hi, thanks! Of course here’s the page to where I want the Front page Button to go to:

Please advice.




Hi, my website is http://www.alphamichael.com

I can’t get the anchor to work, want to jump page to about me and latest post but it’s just not working :confused:


@Excl: change the 226 in your links to 266.


Much thanks @Vlad, must’ve been me being careless and making a silly mistake in reading the number!


Hi Dimikjones,

I can’t find the #pg-somenumber-somenumber as you suggest.

I’ve really searched and I truly can’t see anything named like that.

This is the page:

Please advice.






Anchors are working only on one page website, you cannot add anchor for another page like contact and to be able to scroll to contact form from some other page.

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Hi Dimikijones, and thanks for your reply.


How do I make the Call to Action Button on the frontpage to jump down to “Our Services” on the Front page in the Sydney free theme?

Really greatful for your help,

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Hi Madeleine,

For your CTA button add link #pg-2-0 in order to scroll to services.

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Thanks! Wow! It finally works on my Swedish page.


I can’t see that it also works in English and Norwegian.

Would you mind checking if the call to action button jumps down to “Our Service” for you? So appreciate it if you can.

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Website is: http://www.artministra.net