Home slider button scrolls too far!


Very nice theme, though i got one problem.
When i press the button on the Homepage slider, it srolls down until the content touches the top of my browser screen.
The problem is, when i have sticky header+menu enabled, it will overlap the content because it still slides the same distance!
The area where the content starts will be touching the top of the screen, but the header is still there too…

Is there a way to fix this while still keeping the header and menu sticky and overlayed?

Hello rin,

would you provide us a link to your page? Then we can take a look at it and maybe write some special code.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply!

Here is my site: http://lovelingz.com/
It might be a simple fix, but it might be better if it scrolls down until the bottom of the menu alignes with the bottom of the photo slider…

Let me know if you need something else!

You could try this:

main#main {
  margin-top: 100px;

This isn’t the best looking solution, but it seems that there are not many other options.

Try out this, too:

.site-header.float-header .site-logo {
  height: 0px;

This make the logo invisible when scrolling down. Your site-logo is so incredible big, that it overlaps the content.