[Home page slider] Fullscreen slider display glitch


I’m using sydney theme for my website and facing one problem. The home page full screen slider is showing a large white space at the top from time to time. If i refresh it would be back to normal but after a while the white space appear again when the slider changes.

My site is not live yet so i can’t provide a URL but please see the screenshots below:
Supposed to be always like this.

Become like this.

Please let me know how can i solve it.


thanks for reporting this, I was wondering that this is a bugs from this theme.
We will work on this and fix this on the next update

Hi May i know how soon will it be?

Because my site will be going live soon and it will be troublesome to change the theme all over again since it’s almost complete.

hi any updates?

Can we get an update on this issue? I’m having the same problem with my site. The following steps produce the white bar every time:

  1. Load page
  2. Scroll down and click link on page
  3. Hit back button and scroll up

I’ve found that the first image displays properly, and then the subsequent images have the white header above them. The size of the white box appears to vary based on how far down the page you scrolled before clicking a link.

My site is Pipeline-Tools.com. I’m not thrilled with having the site live right now with this glitch, but it is what it is until you get it fixed.

Hi all!
I had the same problem.
This is resolve which really works: Write this rule in your style.css:

.slides-container.slide-item {background-position: 50% 0px !important;}.

I hope it’ll help someone.
Good luck!

mpo.nvp’s solution didnt work for me.

any more solution?

give me a link to your website

Hi it’s http://www.bhautorecovery.com/

.slides-container.slide-item {background-position: 50% 0px !important;}.

this is not a true fix as it sticks the image down and kills the parallax effect. but that may be more acceptable than having a site that looks buggy.

since the problem was originally posted in august its sad its not been resolved.

Hi it’s http://www.bhautorecovery.com/

I tried it on your website and it works.
For example u can check my website https://happymommy.com.ua/

this is not a true fix
Yeah, i know but it works and it suits me. And i have no problem with parallax effect.

Sorry guys for not handling this earlier. I’ve looked into the issue now and fixed it. you can check the demo website (http://demo.athemes.com/sydney/).
The fix will be included in the next version of the theme.

Actually, I removed the fix from the demo site now as I want to try a different approach.

So this is the fix we’ll probably apply:

.slides-container .slide-item {
	display: block !important;

Much appreciated.

I have changed my 3 stars to 5 stars.