Home Page Side Bar Conflict


Great theme but I am having a strange problem. On the Home Page when you click on the + sign to open the widget I have a testimonial there. The Testimonial doesn’t work properly but if I right click and select inspect elements all of a sudden it works properly. The testimonial works great on all other pages in the sidebar.

www.goodgirlgifts.com.au (This is only the development domain and it will be ported later to the correct domain)


Seems like your testimonial slider doesn’t calculate properly when the sidebar is hidden. Try this please:

.testimonials-widget {
     width: 100% !important;

Hi Vlad

That almost worked but as you can see it still starts off showing half a logo before it drops down to show the testimonial.

I placed the code in the Style at the very start of the Widgets area. I hope this was the correct place.

Any other suggestions?

I’m not seeing half a logo, I’m seeing the controls and then it drops down and shows everything correctly.

Try this please:

.home .widget-area {
   display: block !important;

Hi Vlad

Perfect! Thankyou very much. Great support and service.

I don’t seem to need the premium as the site is pretty much complete now but there may be something I need it for. I notice that it is $25 does that let me use it on multiple sites?

I am now on my way to Wordpress to give you a 5 star rating as you deserve it immensely.

Thanks once again.

Yeap, all themes on athemes.com are GPL so you can use them on as many sites you want.