Home page posts not full width

I am trying to put home page posts that use the cool animated widgets.

Ok so this is what I am doing:

I create a post
I have WP display latest posts
I put the widget on the post via page builder

Then reload home page.
The site will show it properly but its not full width
How can I make it full width?

I am sorry I have solved this problem

Hi mwmcreations,

You can try to display it using page builder.

  1. create new page
  2. click the page builder button at the top right of the text area
  3. add new row
  4. add widget, choose post loop
  5. click edit on the post loop widget, then choose content.php for the template http://prntscr.com/7iodh9
  6. appeareance > customze > choose the page for the static front page