Home Page Not Loading in Elementor

I have built a site with sydney. I edit it with Elementor. All is good for about 6 weeks. Then for some reason. I can no longer edit the home page via Elementor. I can still edit all other pages, just not the home page. I have disabled all the plug ins. Same. I have checked memory. Loads (256). Both Elementor support and my host say everything ok, but some errors on home page which they attribute to the theme. I have not added any scripts or changed anything manually.

Any ideas?

This image of the error log may be helpful?


Hello there,

Please check your WordPress version and ensure you’re running the latest version. Also the theme and plugin must be the latest.


Hi Kharisblan

Thats and as non supporty as it gets! All of those were a given and if you’d read my post properly you would know that. Did you not even read the error l logs. Thank you for helping me decide to ditch a themes.

I checked but didn’t give an exact clue of what might causing that error. Please share your site link here to allow me inspecting it directly. Did you notice this error happens on all lementor pages? Or specific one? What will happen if you compose a new fresh elementor page?