Home Page Layout


I’ve a problem with my home page Layout:

I set it to have 3 columns, which has been working great. But today I’ve only got 1 column working!! So all my posts are now in one long line straight down my page


There seems to be a problem with the masonry script. Can you undo whatever you did before it stopped working? Like installing plugins and stuff?


I’ve now deactivated all plugins, & I’ve still got the problem :frowning:


I logged in on your website now. Please don’t do anything for the moment.

Seems like your website isn’t loading the masonry script (the one that creates the columns) which is a bit strange because that script comes packed in WP itself, not in the theme.

Could you think of any sort of changes you did before it stopped working?


Yesterday I installed the CSS plugin, the Pinterest Board plugin. Today we’ve added our Copyright notice into the Footer.

Apart from the above, nothing has been changed


It would have been a good idea to start with the fact that you’ve made code changes :slight_smile:

You, or whoever messed with the code, removed the call to wp_footer and also removed the closing html and body tags.

It’s fixed now.