Home page breaks

Am using Sydney theme. Have built site. All working fine however when viewing incognito the home page breaks after being loaded for several minutes. Deactivated and deleted unused plugins reloaded one at a time. Cannot get the page to break. Save it all. Reload page and all good then it will break on desktop and mobile at some point in time. Very frustrating???!!!
Link is : websitesurgeon.com.au
Thanks for your help

Hello BobH,

Did you use special plugins? Try disabling all of them temporarily to check if there’s conflicting with one of them. To help narrow down the source of the problem, activate a plugin and reload your site. Repeat in a row until you get the culprit.


Thanks for that. Have done this previously. Could it be the elementor upgrade recently.Just a thought.Cheers
Bob H

Hello there,

What will happen if you reinstall the theme.

  1. Visit themes administration panel (Dashboard > Appearance);
  2. Activate one of default WordPress themes;
  3. Delete Sydney theme;
  4. Search for Sydney theme, install and activate.


Hi Kharis
I have just completed the delete and reinstall. Unfortunately it still does not hold up. In incognito home page loads perfectly but when i navigate back to the home page it breaks. Same thing on mobile device all loads perfectly then it collapses when you go back to homepage.
Am going to try a different theme as I can’t direct clients to this mess.
Thanks for your help mate.

No worries BobH. Have a nice day!