Home button on Home Page


I have a new question.
The home button on the home page - is there no way to remove it.
I removed it from the menu structure, thinking this is the last of it.
Like a ghost of my boyfriends past, it hangs around no matter what.


Hi Mandy,

Link to your site please?

Embarrassed to share the site address, since it is so nascent now.
Please don’t judge the amateur everything currently. Here goes > http://socialmonk.org/

Notice the home button

You should be able to remove it from the menu. Can you double check all your menus?

If you can’t remove it still please create a new admin account for the address charlie[at]athemes.com and I’ll login and take a look.

Charlie, I was really dumb to have removed the home button from my ‘short’ menu and then to not point to the ‘short’ menu in manage locations!!

This issue is resolved!