Highlight current page in sub menu


I’ve used CSS to highlight in white the relevant current page in my menu. However, I have two items ‘Landlords’ + ‘Tenants’ in my menu which have sub menus. The CSS highlights the sub menu items in white but not the top items. How do I get these to be white as well as my sub menu item?


This is the CSS I am using already for the menu:

.current_page_item a {
color: #ffffff !important;

#mainnav ul li a:hover {
color: #ffffff !important;

margin-top: 30px !important;

Thanks in advance.

Maybe important to note that the top level menu options ‘Landlords’ + ‘Tenants’ are not clickable themselves, just have dropdown. Cheers

Hello there,

Try to apply the following CSS code:

.current-menu-ancestor > a{
  color: #fff !important;


Really great again. Works perfectly. Resolved