Hiero theme "continue reading"


I followed the instructions previously mentioned by adding code to the fucntions.php file. However, this did not resolve the problem. “Continue reading” still appears. Any suggestions?


Hi, I don’t know about instructions that you followed, but here are my instructions :slight_smile:

First, it should be wise to use child theme for modifying theme files.

From theme folder (hiero) go to inc folder and edit extras.php file. Around line 77 is function that you have to edit:

function athemes_continue_reading_link() {
	return ' <a href="'. esc_url( get_permalink() ) . '" class="more-link">' . __( 'Continue Reading <span class="meta-nav">&rarr;</span>', 'athemes' ) . '</a>';

like this:

function athemes_continue_reading_link() {
	return '';