Hide Type A/B categories in blog

I want to hide the categories used in the services (Type A, Type B) from my blog page side bar. I use the menu widget to show category option. I looked for a way to hide it in wp. Can you tell me how to have those 2 not show up in a public list of categories?

I’m also looking into how to have categories listed as drop-downs below the blog linking to a pre-populated search of each category. In case you have any tips - I’m poking around now.



Looks like there is no option to hide those category items in your sidebar. But you can hide it by adding these css code below using simple custom css plugin:

#secondary .widget_categories .cat-item-45, #secondary .widget_categories .cat-item-24 {
    display: none;


Thank you!

Hi There,

I’m looking to do something similar here. Currently the blog page has all posts listed when opening the page. For the blog page, is it possible to limit the viewing to only a certain category?

EG: Currently shows all categories “Latest News”, “Stories”, “Uncategorised” what is needed is just “Latest News” not the rest.

Hi Awan,

Can I use a custom CSS to hide the empty categories used in projects, in a drop down category list widget? There is no “.cat-item-(category id)”. The class is “postform”, option class=“level-0” and value-"(category id)".

http://www.petkovstudio.com/timeline/ or drop down category list widget in any other post.

I have done it in theme functions (forgot how and I loose the code after theme update) but I preffer using custom CSS.

Thank you veru much in advance.


Hi Blago,

Please try these example code below according to your category list:

.widget_categories select > option[value="11"] {
    display: none;

So, if you have more than one categories which is want to be hidden, then use this:

.widget_categories select > option[value="11"],
.widget_categories select > option[value="17"],
.widget_categories select > option[value="20"] {
    display: none;

Hope it helps.


Thank you Awan,

Your CSS is more than perfect!