Hide Title on Pages

I would like to hide the Title of most of my pages, and after reading through some of the forums it was recommended to use the Front Page template. I tried this, but I lose the sidebar and it makes the page wide. Is there another way to hide the title or at least add the sidebar on to the front page?

Sure. If you’ve imported the settings file from the pro section on the documentation page you can simply disable the title with the option provided below the post editor.
If you didn’t do the above, you can share a link, let me know on what pages you’d like to hide (or keep) the title and I’ll give you some CSS.

I had trouble installing Types and haven’t had time to go through it. Can you help me with css on this page and I could probably figure it out on the the other pages. Thanks.

Sure, use any custom CSS plugin you want and add this:

.page-id-110 .entry-header {
     display: none;

Copy it for any other pages you want and replace 110 with the ID of that specific page. You’ll find the ID in the URL bar when you click on Edit Page.

Thanks. I appreciate the help.