Hide site identity but not the menu


Is there any way to hide the site identity for a specific page in greatmag theme?

I tried

.page-id-xxx header {
    display: none;    

in custom css, but that will hide the menu as well and I was looking for a way of keeping it.


Hello there,

Try this code:

.page-id-xxx .main-logo {
   display: none;


Hi Kharis,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion - this work fine in order to hide the site logo. However the space between LATEST NEWS area and menu is still shown - pls see attached;

Can that also be hidden?


Blank area

Was able to achieve that with the following:

.page-id-xxx  .main-logo {
    display: none;
.site-branding.vhome3 {
    padding: 0px;

tough not sure if this is the correct approach…