Hide sidebar on specific post/page


I can not find any option to hide sidebar on specific post or page. How can i do this?

Also, which pagebuilder would you recommend to use with the theme?

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Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us about our theme AReview. I am happy to help out.

Currently, there is no option for this. But you can use CSS code to do so.

For post page, use this CSS code and add it to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .postid-2036 #secondary {
      display: none;

Replace 2036 with the ID number of a post you want to hide. You can get it from the web browser’s address bar when editing the post. You’ll see something like: wp-admin/post.php?post=2036&action=edit

For page, use this code:

    .page-id-735 #secondary {
      display: none;

We don’t have specific page builder to recommend as aReview is like a general blog theme and any page builders should be working fine.

I hope this reply helps. And let me know for your other questions in new topics.

aThemes Support

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