Hide Services Titles & Reduce Spacing

I would like to use three simple images for my services area. Those images will then link to other pages within the website. Is there an easy way for me to hide the title at the top of the services area, plus each of the service titles above the images? I would like to do that and then also reduce all of the extra padding so the services area rolls up more closely to the welcome area on the homepage. The site isn’t live yet but you can see an image of what I’m doing here -> https://flic.kr/p/u7cvXw. THANK YOU!


You can link those images straight from the editor. The service titles should show up, did you make any code changes or set them to white or something? I can’t tell until you’re live.
For the rest use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.panel-grid-cell .services-area {
     padding: 0;
.panel-grid-cell .services-area .widget-title {
     display: none;

Thanks so much for that! I do have the service titles set to white for now. Is there a way to remove them completely?

The easiest way would be to hide them:

.service-title {
    display: none;