Hide Project Navigation

I want to hide the projekt navigation on my front page. I tried to do this in the Costumized-Section with the Sydney-pro options. There is a menu called “single projects” and a checkbox: "Check this box to hide the projects navigation"
But this doesn´t work. Is there another way to hide the project navigation?

Thanks in advance,


That options hides the navigation on single projects. Can you post a link please so I can see what navigation you’re referring to?

Hello Vlad,
here´s the link:

The navigation I want to hide is under “PORTFOLIO” on the front page. I only want to hide the text navigation and keep the images.

Ah, you want to hide the filter. You have filter="yes" in your shortcode on the front page. Change yes to no.

Perfect! Thank you very much.
One more question: How can I change the color of the term “Was interresiert Sie als nächstes?” on the front page after the serviec section.
Tried to do this with the page builder (see the picture) in the row, but it doesn´t work.

Should be the same pink I used in the other sections of the page.

Thanks for your help!

Click the wrench icon > Edit Theme for the first row you have in your screenshot, the one with the Text widget on it.

Great! Thanks for your support!