Hide page section on mobile devices

Hello, I’d like to hide certain sections of my homepage from mobile devices (phones, not tablets). I get the general idea of how to do this, each section needs an ID and then you use CSS to hide that ID for mobile displays. What I can’t figure out is if my page sections already have an ID I can call, or if I’ll have to manually add the IDs.

For example, if you goto sandyridgebmx.org, I’d like to hide the ABOUT section and RECENT PHOTOS section from mobile phones. Do these sections already have an ID? IF so, how do I look for it. If not, how do I add a custom ID to those sections.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Every row has its own unique ID. I think you do not need to create a new one as its observable through the web inspector tool. On Firefox, right click and select Inspect Element.



Thank you!