Hide Menu Bar on specific page


first of all, thanks for the theme it’s just great.

I have two questions:

  1. For kind of a landing page I would like to hide the menu bar on one specific page. I googled and tried the following without a positive result. Any ideas?
    .page-id-2349 #navigation {
    display: none;

  2. I would like to have a subscription pop up plugin (users can enter their emails)which is for free and looks great with the moesia theme. You can recommend one?

Page is mynearbite.com in case it helps…

Thank you !



id for navigation is #site-navigation so try this one:

.page-id-2349 #site-navigation {
  display: none;

Subscription, well dont know, try this but for most additional plugins you should consider restyling with custom CSS.

Hey Dimikjones,

thanks, worked well and it’s a good start. Is there a way to hide all the black menu bar and not only the navigation elements?

Also thanks for the plugin. Looks great! !

Hi kucci, well, try this one:

.page-id-2349 .sticky-wrapper {
  display: none;

Note that if you eventually change menu to not sticky I think it won’t work because it will use different CSS class.

Percect, thanks a lot! I use the sticky setting so it works for me .