Hide link SHOW ALL in project

I would know if there is a way to hide the link SHOW ALL in teh projects block and display only the category project set it in shortcode.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

So you want to display project items which are associated to the only one category?


I need to show two blocks both with project content.

in the first one i want to show only ONE category and in another one the other category.

i have added this custom css

body .project-filter li:first-child{
  display: none;

this code hide the link SHOW ALL PROJECT
and with this shortcode i can hide the name of category also.
[sydney-masonry posts=“5” show_all_text=“tutte le tappe” post_type=“projects” filter=“no” include=“sicilia”]

but when place two blocks with project content, different category, the second one don’t show properly…

this is the page

the first block (le tappe dell’edizione sicilia) it’s OK, perfect.
the second block (le tappe dell’edizione magnagrecia) don’t show the right hover effect.

something wrong…?

thank for your assistance

Hello there,

Due to the code limitation, such that objective wouldn’t be easy to achieve. Nothing we can do, sorry. :frowning: