Hide category title completely + post to specific page

Hi there!

Two separate questions :slight_smile: The website in question is dlewdance.com

(1) If you navigate to one of the pages [e.g. projects], you will see the problem - the thin black bar above the posts.

These pages are category pages, and I have hidden the title using the additional CSS:

.archive-title {
display: none;

However the black bar remains! Looking for a way to get rid of this.

(2) Not strictly related to the Sydney theme, but am looking for a recommendation for a way to post to specific pages rather than using this ‘category page’ work-around. Preferably one that works with page builder :slight_smile:

Cheers in advance!

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

> 1

To completely remove the project archive heading, you can use this code:

.category-projects .page-header {
   display: none;

> 2

The Ultimate Posts Widget would be wort it to try. If it doesn’t meet your requirement, you can explore other options by visiting this link.

I hope this reply helps. Let me know in a new topic if you need anything else.